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Philadelphia, PA USA

2013 LEALANA 0.25₿ Gold Holo

Buyer-funded, Bitcoin
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Only 1 #5041 unit available

Extremely Rare Gold Hologram Lealana 0.5 BTC in Silver

Fewer than 10 Known

Unfunded 2013 Lealana 0.5 Bitcoin. Firstbits 1E3DBtqn. Serial No. 5041. Buyer Funded. Gold Hologram, Black Address, Serialized. Silver. MS-69 PL (ICG).

Unfunded and non-loaded. This gold-hologram specimen is as visually impressive as it is rare. Deeply mirrored fields contrast the sharp devices on the obverse while the reverse is blanketed in untouched luster. With 10 examples struck for the broader Buyer Funded, Black Address type, it likely that no more than 2 or 3 of those also feature a gold hologram sticker as seen here. Also included with this coin is a hand-signed Certification of Authenticity from Lealana series creator Noah Luis.

This coin is accompanied in this sale by a similarly rare 0.25 BTC of the same variety offered in a neighboring lot. Interestingly, these two coins are only 10 serial numbers apart, 5031 and 5041. It is possible that an advance collector could acquire both and instantly succeed in building a very formidable cabinet of Lealana rarities.

As he points out for the 0.25 BTC, Elias Ahonen reveals that "at least 10 specimens [of the 0.5 BTC] are known to actually have the "Gold B" hologram normally reserved for the BTC Brass and 1 BTC Lealana coins. It is possible that one of more [Buyer Funded, Black Address] coins were also subject to this abnormality, making them extremely rare."

Issued on a 39mm planchet of 1 ounce of .999 fine silver and minted by Northwest Territorial Mint, the obverse features the Bitcoin symbol, date, and denomination while the reverse features a holographic sticker with the firstbits address visible at center. Additionally, it is noteworthy for the "partial binary" design on the reverse that lists the silver content at the edge, which is a radical change from the style seen on the lower denominations.



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