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Philadelphia, PA USA

2013 LEALANA 1₿ Bf Black

Buyer-funded, Bitcoin
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Only 1 #1810 unit available

Extremely Rare Buyer Funded, Black Address Lealana "Gold B" 1 BTC

Just 10 Produced

Unfunded 2013 Lealana "Gold B" 1 Bitcoin. Firstbits 16Bxhbuh. Serial No. 2106. Buyer Funded, Black Address, Serialized. Gold-Plated Silver. MS-69 (ANACS)

Unfunded and non-loaded. The 2013 Lealana "Gold B" 1 Bitcoin is prized as one of the key issues to the entire physical cryptocurrency series. This particular specimen raises this desirability as an example of the rare Buyer Funded, Black Address variety, which was issued for only a brief period around May 2014. According to researcher Elias Ahonen in his Encyclopedia of Physical Bitcoins and Crypto-Currencies, just 10 of this variety were ever produced.

Ahonen also points out that the overall issue "can be seen as a direct counterpart competitor to the Casascius 1 BTC "Gold B" Series 3 2013 coin, as both were released in the same year with identical specs". Issued on a 39mm planchet of 1 ounce of .999 fine silver and minted by Northwest Territorial Mint, the obverse features the Bitcoin symbol, date, and denomination while the reverse features a holographic sticker with the firstbits address visible at center. Flashy gold-plated design elements on both sides beautifully distinguish this issue from the fractional denominations in the series. A Loaded example of the regular variety sold for $108,000 in our April 2022 sale. The present non-loaded Buyer Funded, Black Address example surely represents an important opportunity to acquire this rare type.

Public Address: Unavailable

Issued on a 25mm planchet of ¼ ounce of .999 fine silver and minted by Northwest Territorial Mint, the obverse features a holographic sticker with the serial number at left and the public address visible through a rectangular window. The words "Buyer Funded" are also printed near the top. Beneath the holographic sticker is the private address that allows the owner to redeem the value of the bitcoin once the sticker is peeled away. On the reverse is the Bitcoin currency symbol at center surrounded by a legend listing the denomination, composition, and the Hawaiian phrase "IKAIKA I HELU NUI" that translates as "Strength in Numbers." This phrase is also featured on the Casascius coin series but is listed there in Latin as "Vires In Numeris."

First introduced as Lealana Litecoin, the Lealana series was released to collectors and investors in June 2013 as a counterpart to the Casascius physical bitcoins introduced in 2011. It was invented and issued by Noah Luis of Honolulu, Hawaii, who is perhaps better recognized within the crypto community by his internet handle "smoothie." These physical Lealana Bitcoins were produced in both brass and silver compositions and issued in a range of denominations from 0.1 BTC to 1 BTC, corresponding to those of the Casascius series.



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