Experimental Cryptographic Technology
Philadelphia, PA USA

2016 Lealana GOLD "King Kam" 1 Bitcoin

Buyer-funded, Bitcoin
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Only 1 1Lz3jz2x unit available
Hyper rare Lealana GOLD "King Kam" 1 Bitcoin

Unfunded and non-loaded. An incredible rarity among physical crypto with a maximum mintage of 30 struck. However, it is likely that the actual distribution figure was somewhat less. The regular "King Kam" two-ounce issue was announced on the BitcoinTalk.org forum on September 13, 2016 at a price of 0.26 BTC plus an additional 1 BTC to fund the coin. These rare gold-plated version were announced later.

Exogenesis Denominations:

  • 10,000,000 sats (0.1 BTC) w/ 4mm stone: Limited Edition of 21 (serials 01-21) SOLD OUT

  • 5,000,000 sats (0.05 BTC) w/ 3.75mm stone: Limited Edition of 79 (serials 22-100) SOLD OUT

  • 2,000,000 sats (0.02 BTC) w/ 3.5mm stone: Limited Edition of 150 (serials 101-250) SOLD OUT

  • With no matching suites available, this series consists of 121 fewer pieces than the moon or hydra series.

Additional Info:

  • Jepara stones hand-set in 14k white gold floating bezels.

  • Exclusive hologram design.

  • Coin die created on a pantograph machine in the old-style, tracing from a hand-sculpted plaster relief.

  • Housings sandblasted and applied with Battleship Grey cerakote by hand.

These four coins are also noteworthy for featuring a numbered Certificate of Authenticity signed by Noah Luis, the creator of the Lealana series. These signed COAs were supplied only with pre-funded coins, and those offered in this sale are reportedly the only such COAs issued for Buyer-Funded coins. With such a combination of rarity and artistry, it is difficult to overstate the desirability of these special gold-plated "King Kam" two-ounce coins.

Public Address: 18YJD5rXNUBs1Y2yYCGLjiAvcdURYfWnWG

PCGS Population; 1; 1 finer across all varieties. This is the only Satin Finish, Gold Plated example at PCGS.



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