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Philadelphia, PA USA

Terms and Conditions:

By engaging in business with Eclipsepayments our client agrees to the following:

1. Shipping

Eclipsepayments ships all merchandise no later than two days after our client makes his/her payment. For merchandise valued over $5000 package will be shipped via USPS Expedited shipping. USPS Expedited shipping is an overnight service that gets our merchandise to our clients in under 48-hours, In a secure and rapid fashion. Shipments valued under $5000 are dispatched USPS first class mail and arrive within 2 - 5 business days. Every shipment has a tracking number provided to our client. Our high-end products are shipped within third party durable storage containers. These containers will be included with the final sale of the associated product.

2. Returns

Eclipsepayments offers no returns, all sales are final. Due to the sensitive nature of the products Eclipsepayments brokers. Security cannot be maintained or ensured once the merchandise is in the hands of a third party not affiliated with Eclipsepayments. Therefore, once merchandise leaves Eclipsepayment's direct supervision items can no longer be returned.

3. Payment

If a client is bidding, that client will end up paying. If a client wins an auction and fails to make payment or cancels an order Eclipsepayments reserves the right to offer the item to the second highest bidder. If a client bids and fails to make payment Eclipsepayments reserves the right to cease future business with that individual or firm.

4. Privacy policy

Eclipsepayments values our client's privacy and anonymity. By shopping with Eclipse an individual or firm can ensure the privacy and anonymity of their transactions and shipments associated with Eclipse. Every transaction with Eclipse is considered confidential information and is kept private and anonymous. Information provided to Eclipse has a retention period of 30 days after purchase. After 30 days our client can expect the permanent deletion of his/her personal information from our systems. Personal information as well as product identifying information is kept private and confidential. Full public keys are kept private and confidential.

5. Trademarks

Eclipse logo, trademark pending.

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